Buttram Competition


  1. Comply with the GENERAL RULES on the previous page.

  2. This competition is open to students grades 9-12 or homeschooled students whose maximum age does not exceed 18 at the time of the Competition.

  3. Choose one piece from each of the two parts of the required repertoire list printed here.

  4. Maximum performance time – 10 minutes

  5. Awards offered:

    • $500 – in each solo division

    • $750 – the Overall Winner

    • $1200 – String Quartet

  6. Winners in violin, viola, violoncello, bass and string quartet divisions
    (including Overall Winner) must play in the Winners’ Concert. 

  7. All competition winners must provide a social security or Tax ID number immediately upon being announced as a winner.

This competition is made possible by a gift from Randy and Kathy Buttram in memory of Dorsey and Phyllis Buttram and the founders of the competition, Merle and Frank Buttram.  Merle was a founder and member of the Ladies Music Club String Orchestra which grew and became the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra in 1924.