Donna Marie Haire Competition


  1. Comply with the GENERAL RULES on the previous page.

  2. This competition is open to students grades 9-12 or homeschooled students whose maximum age does not exceed 18 at the time of the Competition.


  4. Entrants play two compositions of contrasting style and tempo.

  5. Performing a concerto or instrumental work that has an orchestral score and parts available, at the Winners’ Concert is a prerequisite to being considered for performance with the OKC Philharmonic at the Side by Side Concert.

  6. Maximum performance time – 10 minutes.

  7. Awards offered:

    • $500 – First Place Winner

    •  $250 – Second Place Winner

    •  $100 – Third Place Winner

  8. First and Second Place Winners must play in the Winners’ Concert.

  9.  All competition winners must provide a social security or Tax ID number immediately upon being announced as a winner.

This competition is made possible by a gift from William H. Haire and his children, and Paul Theisen, in memory of their amazing wife, mother, and sister, Donna Marie Haire. Her love of children, music and animals was reflected in her courage and sacrifices shown toward those in need by her gentle nursing of the sick, unique educational skills with children, and exceptional musical talents.