Musicians Continuing Education Grant

The Oklahoma City Orchestra League, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of grants up to $3,000 to underwrite study by members of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.

ELIGIBILITY: Contract players in the Oklahoma City Philharmonic with an A, B, or C type contract.

PROGRAM: The grant funds must be used for educational pursuits to improve personal orchestral skills on the player’s principal instrument, i.e. private lessons, master classes, or postgraduate training. The grant will not cover food expenses. Mileage will not be paid, but gas receipts are acceptable. This stipend will be taxable for the recipient. Study must be completed within one year of the grant. The grant committee will entertain grant requests up to $3,000; travel expenses should not exceed 30% of the award. International travel is not funded; however you may ask for funding of educational endeavors no matter the location.

APPLICATION: The application is available here. Print and complete the application, and submit it, along with a letter outlining the use of the stipend and the benefits of the proposed study, to the Oklahoma City Orchestra League. Please include the following points in your letter:

1. Prior to submitting the application, contact the institution/teacher you are planning on studying with to confirm that study is a possibility. This should be noted in your letter of application.

2. A brief narrative describing the activity including teacher(s), location, length of time, and dates.

3. A brief statement of the goals of the study experience.

4. An itemization of anticipated expenses including, for example: airfare, lodging, instruction fees, etc.

Feel free to attach any relevant material such as resumes of instructors or brochures of program to be attended.

PROCEDURE: Mail the grant application and letter to the Oklahoma City Orchestra League, 3815 N Santa Fe Ave, Suite 105, Oklahoma City, OK 73118. The application must be received by May 7, 2018. The screening committee will consist of an orchestra member appointed by the Orchestra League President, the Music Director, and from the Orchestra League: the President, the Education Vice-President, and the Continuing Education Grant chairman. This committee will determine the recipient(s) of the grant the following week. The screening committee reserves the right to select more than one recipient.


1. All winners of the Continuing Education Grant will be requested to perform at one of the Orchestra League’s General Membership Meetings. Dates of these meetings are TBD.

2. Winners will submit a written, one-page narrative report upon completion of the study.

PAYMENT OF GRANT: Payment up to the allowable amount of the award will be available upon receipt of documented expenses. Partial payments, as expenses are incurred, are possible. All expenses must be submitted by May 31, 2018.

June McCoy, chairman; Katie Barrick, Education Coordinator

This is a program of the Oklahoma City Orchestra League, Inc. and Oklahoma City Philharmonic.