Letter From The President

I am truly honored and humbled to be your 2018-19 President. And I’ve been working this last year living our League’s Mission. I’ve been educated by each of you who have been willing to teach me. And with your help, I will continue to learn more about each of you and our organization as the year progresses.

My life has already been enriched through the friendships I’ve forged with several of you and through the purpose this position has given me. I continue to be inspired by the determination and dedication of our members and what we can accomplish when we all pull in the same direction and follow our mission.

The Lead Singer of U2, Bono, once said, “Music can change the world because music can change people.” And that is what you, as a League Member, get to do every time you participate through your time, treasure and talents. You’ve seen the way that music can inspire a child when they play an instrument for the first time; possibly changing how they see themselves. Or how a young musician can use their education of an instrument to participate in our competitions; potentially changing the course of their life.

And of course you can see, through our amazing Philharmonic, how music can inspire a community; changing the way that we see ourselves. Each of you know how music has changed you and because of that you are changing our community, our world.

As we gear up for this next fiscal year, a year of change, know that your League leadership is working diligently to do what is best for our members and mission moving forward. This spring and summer, we have been in negotiations with the OKC Phil on merging our efforts to make each of us better - together. That’s a big change from what we’ve known for the last several years, but it will be a change for the better.

I’m excited for the for what that future holds and for what we can add to our beloved OKC Phil when we can focus our attention on what we love – Our mission, education programs, fundraising, volunteering and supporting our OKC Phil and Members. Yes, change is never easy, but when we all pull in the same direction we accomplish outstanding things.
- Wendi Wilson