2017 Music Competitions Winners

Over 100 talented students entered the six Orchestra League Music Competitions which were held at Bass School of Music, OCU, on Sunday, February 5, 2017. The winners were:



Quartet:  James Ian Kennedy, Norman

                Aaron Park, Stillwater

                Matt Baier, Edmond

                Laura Deng, Stillwater

Violin and Overall: Nathaniel Parker, Oklahoma City

Viola:  Noah Bowles, Oklahoma City

Cello:  Laura Deng, Stillwater

Bass:  Avery Weeks, Oklahoma City


Woodwind and Overall:  Christopher Maxwell, Oklahoma City

Percussion:  Selena McMichael, Guthrie


First Place:  Alice Hsu, Edmond

Second Place:  Julia Janknecht, Oklahoma City

Third Place:  Ellie Hilliker, Edmond


First Place:  Matthew Elder, Oklahoma City

Second Place:  Shelby Tate, Oklahoma City

Third Place:  Avalon McAffrey, Oklahoma City


Cello and Overall: Sophie Deng, Stillwater

Violin and Performance:  Miranda Thai

Grace Ryan Memoriam:  Christina Ge, Edmond

Ellen Jayne Wheeler Memoriam:  Surya Miranda, Norman

Sanford Austin Memoriam:  Lily Sullivan, Edmond

Honorable Mention:  Fay Shuai, Tulsa


First Place:  Mariya Pirumyan, Edmond

Second Place:  Ted Xiong, Oklahoma City  

Third Place:  Micah Turgeon, Edmond

Honorable Mention:  Elizabeth Grice, Stillwater

                                  Yaeil Kim, Oklahoma City

                                  Giang Vo, Oklahoma City

                                  Dhanasheel Muralidharan, Edmond

2016 Music Competitions Winners


1st Place - Vinni Franco

2nd Place - Mathew Elder

3rd Place - Shelby Tate


Woodwind - Chris Maxwell

Percussion - Selena McMichael



Double Bass - Avery Weeks

Cello - Laura Deng

Viola - Noah Bowles

Violin & Overall - Simon Brown


1st Place - Gabriel Parker

2nd Place - Julia Janknecht

3rd Place - Alice Hsu


Violin & Overall - Annabelle Wharton

Performance Award - Henry Ingels

Cello - Sophie Deng

Doris Parker Memorial Award - Catherine Thai

Honorable Mention - Gabrielle Parker


1st Place - Gene Moon

2nd Place - Nathaniel Parker

Honorable Mention

  • En Lee
  • Yaeil Kim
  • Mariya Pirumyan
  • Elizabeth Grice
  • Katayla Mongold